Cambodia: Part One

After Tricia and I spent our first two days on our own, it was time to join the tour I’d booked. I really like to sometimes have the mix of solo travel and organized tours, and we get to do both on this trip. For 8 days we’ll be part of a small group on a budget tour adventuring across three countries. Frankly, it wasn’t off to a great start, as half of our group was given incorrect information on where to meet and join the tour but thankfully it didn’t take long to sort out and we were already close by.  

First thing the next morning we set off for our bus and settled in for a four hour ride headed towards the Cambodian border. 

On the way to the bus

I like seeing the countryside this way; getting a compilation picture of what life might be like there as I gaze out the bus window. Plus the little roadside stands we make pit stops at have never failed to delight my curious adventure side. Have you ever had the pleasure of browsing a shelf of preserved cobras and scorpions while looking for a bottle of water? I have. And while I chose to skip out on the fried birds being offered, I did stock up on some new-to-me flavours of chips for the ride. 
Cobras and scorpions in rice whiskey

Roadside gas station
I love this kid’s shoes… at the gas station

Option A: fried bird, or Option B: sweet basil Lays

Crossing the border was an easy process, just a little slow while we waited for the entry visas. On the other side we found a new bus and loaded back up for the rest of the drive to Siem Reap. My first views of Cambodia were so satisfying in a stereotypical way, full of water buffalo in rice fields.

Our destination revealed itself to be a small city with a great laid-back tourist vibe. This is the launching point for Angkor Wat, the reason most people come to this corner of the world – myself included! 

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    1. Oh thank you! I’m glad you did too! The tour was through Tucan Tours. This one was a “budget tour” aimed at people between 18-35, although that’s probably not a solid rule. I’d be happy to give you more info if you want

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