In the air & alliteration 

I’m back in my natural habitat again – on an airplane at 37,000 feet above ground.  It’s a red eye flight, overnight across the country, and despite the loss of sleep I love these flights when the cabin is all dark and cozy and quiet.  Out the window on my left I have the most spectacular view of the Northern Lights, and I’ve been watching them dance across the sky parallel to this plane for more than an hour now.  I wish I could show you the vibrant green lights bending and weaving through the glow and the tiny orange lights from the towns below glittering up. I tried to get some photos, but I only have my iPhone and not my real camera so the shots just ended up a blank black blur of nothing.  It’s breathtaking, but you’ll just have to take my word for it…. So instead I took a selfie. I needed something to show!

The lady sitting beside me has a book of crossword puzzles and I’ve never witnessed anyone whiz through a crossword so quickly!  I’m a little awestruck.  This is going to sound pretty nerdy, but I’m an eensy-bit envious and wish I had my own book of crossword puzzles…. Back in my days as a full-time flight attendant I loved the moments after service was complete when I could sit with the newspaper and work on a crossword puzzle, between jumping back up to refill a coffee cup (generally a pilot’s).   Not that it happened too often, but the times I was able to complete the crossword everyone would hear me crowing about it!  And other days those spare moments after service were spent just gossiping over trashy tabloids; I liked to keep myself well rounded!! Ha…. 

My flight will be landing soon so I’m going to wrap this up.  Short and sweet this time!  I’ll have more from Ontario coming up next time.

2 thoughts on “In the air & alliteration ”

  1. Hi Alison
    Catching up on all your blogs while on a HOT BUMPY bus. I remember sitting across the aisle doing my own crossword in a “race” with you to finish on those early morning flights when we were so considerate of our passengers that we didn’t chat! Way too bumpy for that now!


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