Hometown Tourist

People looove to complain about social media these days.  Have you noticed that?  It almost seems like the trendy sport du jour, especially from people who are perhaps ‘recovering digital addicts’ themselves.  I maybe have tiptoed on that bandwagon myself once or twice, fed up with all the angry/prejudice/ranting commonly found, but at the moment I am a staunch supporter.  I’m thankful for the connection I get with people online, and that has been extra apparent to me this past week.  Personally, it’s been a bit rocky for me but I have had so many comments of support via my social media outlets that have brightened my day and genuinely made me feel better.  So thank you.

Speaking of great people, let’s segue in with some of them I spent my weekend with.  If you’ve followed this blog before you might remember Jeff and Jeanette and my Warsaw adventures with them earlier this summer… Well those two beautiful love birds tied the knot on Saturday and I was fortunate enough to celebrate with them.  With their wedding in my hometown, I feel qualified to announce their venue picks were pretty fantastic: What more could you want than to spend a day surrounded by indoor tropical gardens in the middle of downtown, and then (for us aviation geeks/travel addicts) party surrounded by old airplanes?   Seriously, it was perfect.

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Jeanette and Jeff’s wedding at Devonian Gardens


Perfect for this gang of aviators (photo credits to Natasha and Dave – thanks guys!)

So that was a lot of fun….


I have been desperately missing my travel adventures for the past couple weeks I’ve been at home, and yesterday I finally decided to do something about it.  I took my camera for a walk and played the role of tourist for a couple hours, and you know what I (re)discovered? I live in a beautiful city!!   Here are a few of my favourite shots from one corner of Calgary:

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The Peace Bridge and downtown Calgary
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Peace Bridge
Calgarians soaking up the summer-like Fall; still going at 6pm on a late September day!
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Still on a bit of a graffiti kick from being in Bogota
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The city viewed from McHugh Bluff
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Calgary and the Bow River
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Prairie sky

And finally, because my walk took me here, a Calgary icon and home of all my best memories of milkshakes and burgers.  Peter’s Drive In.  I recommend the caramel coffee milkshake!

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Hopefully in the next few days I’ll be free to get back on the road.  Not sure yet where it will take me!


17 thoughts on “Hometown Tourist”

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  2. Your pictures and posts are absolutely amazing! You’re so inspirational to someone like me who has just started up a travel and lifestyle blog! I am going to love keeping up with your posts and you can check out my blog if you would like!


  3. Wow, I loved your post on being a hometown tourist! When I got back from my trip from Spain I missed going on adventures and seeing new places, but really there is so much we can do over here too. I never considered it ‘real travelling’ just staying around where we live, but really if you just experience something new, or been somewhere you haven’t been before it can be considered “travel.” Sometimes that’s all you need… is to go out and just experience something new.

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    1. Thank you – it’s so nice to hear that people are jumping onboard this idea. You’re exactly right, ‘travel’ can be so much more than we first think. Keep up your own travels and writing! Best of luck to you


  4. Beautiful photos, beautiful city. I think you definitely need some outside perspective before you can tackle your hometown as a tourist would. A traveller’s mind and all that!

    Also: people surf in Calgary?!


    1. That’s a really good point, and now that I think of it, you’re exacrly right.

      And I was pretty surprised to see surfing as well!! People spend all summer on the river here but that’s the first time I’ve noticed river rapids surfing. Must have been very cold water!


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