A glimpse at Auschwitz

I’m stuck trying to figure out what to write about now, but it’s kinda the opposite of writer’s block. I have too much to say about everything I’ve experienced in the past few days and I don’t know where to start or how to weed it down to keep it interesting for you!   Do I go back and finish gushing about Budapest, or do I move on and try to catch up to my current events??!?  Dilemma….

Ok.  Current city stories it is. 

I have just finished almost 3 days in Kraków, Poland, and am feeling refreshed and energized again.   I decided to come here on the advice of a friend specifically to see Auschwitz.    And like I’ve said before of other monuments, this is both awful and awesome to experience.   Rather than regurgitate everything and risk losing you in a dusty history lesson I’ll just try to convey a few of my emotions.

Flowers laid at the entrance
Arriving by rail to the camp, most were optimistic it was only a temporary displacement
Suitcaes packed in a more hopeful time
Always surrounded by double fences, barbed and electric
Faces of concentration camp prisoners

3 levels of beds, often with 8 people living on every level. These barracks house 700-1000 people each
Cobwebs and reflections of history

We saw the gas chambers and furnaces that were used, viewed photos and read accounts of the ruthless way more than a million people were lead to their death.  I learned so much more from this day than I hadlearned from school and movies, and being here experiencing the emotional impact still in the air is exactly why I think everyone should try to see this once if possible. 

This day at the concentration camp museum was certainly the main event for my time in Kraków, but it wasn’t the only one.  I saw a salt mine that has been used for centuries, and witnessed the art and ingenuity that people are capable of.  I met some really great people and spent a couple days just seeing the sights of the town as we found them. 

Salt carvings deep within the salt mine

Next blog post is already late even before this one is officially posted…..    Stay tuned for what I see in Warsaw!

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