Like a Box of Chocolate…

Last post was about taking time, being home and enjoying a “normal” life. But just days since writing that, the travel whirlwind has whipped me away again and I’ve been running through these weeks with a wild rush.

It starts with Belgium, and a professional development course I’d signed up for almost two months prior. My initial plan was to spend 5 days in Brussels, but in the last week before I was planned to leave, I had another opportunity at work that extended my itinerary. This seemed a little crazy, but I of course loved the idea and the challenge of seeing if it could come together and be possible. (That story is coming in a next post, by the way). So I found myself changing my flights and leaving earlier, with less than 2 days to get ready. So anyway. Now I’ve seen Belgium properly and am excited to tell you all about it!

Belgium is of course famous for chocolate, and I find myself thinking of that old quote “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get” And this couldn’t feel more true for me, as I definitely have a variety pack for my life’s chocolate box!

With the extra time I ended up having in the country, I was able to go to Brugge (…or Bruges. I saw the spelling both ways and I’m not sure which to use in English…) The mass of tourists there in early April was already notable, so I can image how crazy it gets during high season, but the city seems to have enough charm to go around. I would often walk a couple blocks away and find myself the only one exploring a winsome street.

I love to walk around a city and eat my way through the local options. Brugge kept me busy with that! How could I go wrong with all this chocolate and waffles, frites with sauce, (my favourite being a curry ketchup) and of course the local beers?!

There’s a blend of French and Dutch throughout Belgium, and Brugge is in the North with much more of the Dutch influences. All the Flemish gabled roofs and waterway canals! My Canadian eyes can’t get enough – as the countless photos I now have can attest!

Back to Brussels again after the weekend, where I managed to still squeeze in a little exploring around my work. Not enough, though, but some! Most mention of Brussels attractions include the Atomium and the Manneken Pis statue. I’m sure they’re wonderful but I missed out on seeing them, sadly. Although the museum in the Atomium seems like a pretty good reason to return one day! I did, however, walk past the home where Audrey Hepburn was born in May, 1929. So that’s something.

I could keep going, but I’ll wrap this post up by saying again just how lucky I know I am to have these opportunities.

Thanks for sharing along with me as I savour each unexpected bite of my life’s assorted chocolates!

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