Cheers for Colombia

I’m celebrating today, feel free to join me.   Why the celebration?  I hit a big milestone that I’m excited about…. Drumroll please….  50 Countries!  My tally of places I’ve seen is somewhere between a fifth and a quarter of all the countries in the world, depending on which method you use to count.  (The number is contested: you could say there are 195 according to the UN, or you could go with the Olympic committee that recognizes 206, or the ISO Standard list that has every (current) overseas territory listed separately and say 249.)    I guess I need to go with the largest number since I have places like Greenland and Gibraltar in my count despite them technically being part of another country.  Either way you slice it, I’ve been a lot of places but I have waaaay more to look forward to! 

One thing that I’m most immediately looking forward to is seeing more of Colombia, where I am currently.  I’ve now had 2 full days here and I’m hooked.  The city of Cartagena is the perfect mix of Caribbean and Latin flair with stunning colonial buildings painted vibrant colours in the old walled city, and modern skyscrapers like in Miami or Vancouver to contrast and add interest to the skyline.

Lots more to come from my time here in another post.   Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Cheers for Colombia”

  1. Hi! 🙂 I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog! Been reading it today while sitting on a rest day during my own travels (we’re only two weeks in!) and it’s been great reading about what you’ve been up to! Congrats on the 50 countries, that’s really something! (As I still have more of your blog to read I guess it’s many more countries now!) There is an iPhone app called ‘been’ that you might like, you put in all the countries you have been to and it’ll tell you the percentage in the world and those continents that you’ve visited 🙂


    1. Hey! Sounds like your own travels will be pretty great, and thanks for letting me know that my words might hold back some boredom during your rest days! I love that!!
      My roommate told me about Been, and I like updating it all the time! So fun to hear you use it too. Thanks for sharing – I think that this transfer of ideas from other travellers is my favourite part of having a blog

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