So Pretty, Prague

Pretty Prague. It would have been easy to stay here longer, but I’m on a roll and want to keep moving before my next bout of inertia hits.   
This capital city really is impressive, though, and the old architecture has been beautifully preserved leaving it easy to see all the intricate details of the baroque and gothic buildings. I learned from another blog that most of Prague was spared from destruction during the wars, and I could feel the history charge the air as I strolled through the city. Walking under the gargoyles I imagined some of the ancient Czechs as pretty fearsome people, judging by the art that remains today….. I should clarify here that I differenciate that from modern Czechs – they were lovely. The hostel owner told me “you’re safe here. I’d let my mother walk any street at 3am! Someone may try to steal your wallet but definitely no one will hurt you.” 

Threat of death guarding the old castle
See? Fearsome ancients here

Beyond the breathtaking sights (that we’ll get back to later) there is the food. The air around the plaza was sizzling with enough aromas to make me wish I could eat quadruple the meals I was actually capable of. One snack I did indulge in was a fresh baked pastry cone spun in cinnamon sugar and almonds and filled with ice cream. Ah-maz-ing! I didn’t even care for a second that it likely contained my calorie quota for 3 days! 

Fresh pastry cone baked over open flames for the Trdelník
My Trdelník treat

And some of my Prague experiences seemed straight out of a movie casting call:  1) Have dimly lit restaurants play “Rah Rah Rasputin” and early 90’s pop hits from tinny speakers.  2) Fill the scene with burly men wearing colour-block neon track pants, and give everyone a beer stein.  3) Place some women with up-to-the-minute modern designer wear in for contrast.    

I’m sorry to perpetuate stereotypes, but it was all so fabulously fun that I couldn’t help but notice. Of course there is so much more to culture here than that. Please know no offence intended! 

Maybe I’ll just get back to how pretty the city is, and end it with my visuals of Prague.

Until next time, 


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