Let the good times roll

Do you remember the last time you paid attention to the good things?  Maybe you do all the time, but I’ve got a leftover Euro I’d put on the table that most often it’s the little gripes that stick in our brain.  I don’t even mean that in a bad way – we tend to bond over a bit of good natured complaining, and negatives can end up being the most entertaining stories!   I also know this could teeter into eye rolling Pollyanna territory so I’ll try to keep my musings short and avoid that….

Starting out simple and not quite to my point, I have been fully indulging in good food and good wine and great sunny weather.  Thank you France for making it so easy to stay happy!! 

More along the lines of what I mean, though, and what started this train of thought for me is watching how people interact.  A memorial dedicated to victims of the recent attack in Nice grew during the past few days and over and over again I saw how complete strangers would connect and share a moment together. 

It’s in the mini random acts of kindness too.  Earlier today I was digging through my wallet trying to find the right coins that would allow me to get into the restroom (side note: really looking forward to Canada where I won’t have to pay to pee!) and a person walking by handed me their coins and said they had extra.  I don’t think it was even because they were impatient, I wasn’t blocking the line, it was just someone giving fifty cents and making my day a bit better.  So I guess I can’t be placing figurative bets with my leftover Euro, I need that now to pay it forward. 

Musings over for now.    Back to travel writing, I’ve been on a road trip the past couple days and have been able to see A LOT of countryside go past my window.   For anyone looking to get around and wanting a cheaper alternative to the train, take a look at Flixbus.  I wish I would have discovered this earlier!  I’ll use this again next time I’m making my way across this continent for sure.

This is Lyon. I also saw a city named Nancy 😊

Long German words seem funny to me

I spent an evening in Germany, and that was just enough to convince me that I need to go back and explore more of that country.  

Tomorrow I’ll try to see some of the highlights London has to offer.  Cheerio!

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