Seen in Spain

I have a few days I missed posting anything to my blog and my entire time in Spain that I need to catch up on, so I’ll back track a little now.  This is going to be a photo post, as even though I had snippets of stories I wanted to share during my days in Spain, right now isn’t the best time for them. 

Euros tossed in donation to the cathedral
Love the sunshine… and the camera…
Flamenco dancing for tourists
Spanish alleyway cafes and homes
Barcelona from above
La Sagrada Familia
Detailed carving on a door
Packed full of tourists, still worth a visit
A different view of the famous La Sagrada Familia
Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf

Not much to show for such a stunning country, but I guess I was too busy enjoying it all during my quick few days to remember to document it with my camera.    And there’s soooo much left I want to see – but I love having a reason to return one day!

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