Thursday, 11:42pm.   I’m sitting here surrounded by piles of clothing, toiletries, and other travel gear wishing it would Marry Poppins its way into a neatly organized pack for me.    I sometimes joke about my level of procrastination – “I’ll do it later when I’m older and therefore wiser and therefore better at everything.  Future me’s got this!” – but I’m starting to recognize this may actually be a problem….     I look at other blogs talking about how to pack, and see their cute little photos of their 17 items neatly arranged in perfect geometric gallery style just waiting to be tucked into their bag, and tell myself that I can do that too.  Lie to myself.   I probably will actually end up really happy with what I packed, but I won’t have a single second left to spare in order to take a photo of it.   I guess this won’t be a “10 ways to best prepare for your travels” blog, but that’s ok, right?  There are lots of those already crowding the internet.

The good news is that I have decided where I’m going when I leave tomorrow.  My 75% sure on going to Morocco has been upgraded to 100%, and a couple days from now I’ll be wandering the streets of Marrakech (probably lost and searching for my hostel!)   I can not wait to see those vibrantly coloured buildings and smell the different spices in the air!  North Africa here I come! Thinking about this has me reminiscing on my last time I visited that continent a couple years ago, and how incredible it was to see Tanzania and Zanzibar.  My photo for this post is from there, exploring Stone Town in Zanzibar and just about as happy as a girl can be.

My next post will be much more interesting than this one I’m sure!  I’ll get to that later….

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